Program > Poster session: Sensors and analytical tools for ecosystems exploration

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Blanchard G., Claude A., Royer L., Sarramia D.: From sensor to cloud

Brut A., Ceschia E., Claverie N., Granouillac F., Ferlicoq M., Tallec T., Zawilski B.: 12-year monitoring of two contrasted crop sites in the ICOS network: FR-Lam & FR-Aur

Courson O., Fleury G., Meyer-Georg S., Del Nero M., Barillon R.: Seasonal variation of NOM composition in Vosgian freshwaters: a molecular scale ESI-FTMS study

Do Huy Minh, Dubreuil B., Peydecastaing J., Vaca Medina G., Tran Thi Nhu Trang, Jaffrezic N., Behra P.: A bio-sourced detection system for glyphosate monitoring in aquatic systems

Floury P., Gaillardet J., Bouchez J., Gayer E., Gorge C., Roubaty J.-L., Tallec G., Ansart P., Blanchouin A., Koch F.: Water chemistry by the River Lab: What can we learn from very high frequency?

Foissard X., Thomas A., Nabucet J., Quénol H., Dubreuil V., Croci S. : Has Rennes a heat island? From sensors and climate models to remote sensing and ecology issues

Gaillardet J., Longuevergne L.: CRITEX : the need for developing sensors of the Critical Zone

Gal F., Negrel P.: Characterization of the critical zone through passive sampling system in groundwater

Flipo N., Mouchel J.-M.: PHRESQUES: Continuous monitoring of the Seine bio-geo-chemical state from its source to the sea

Marmonier P., Olivier M.-J., Wawrzyniak V., Creuze Des Châtelliers M.: How to detect hyporheic exchanges of water along a river? Thermal infrared remote sensing versus discrete hyporheic measurements

Meyer-Georg S., Del Nero M., Courson O., Boltoeva M., Fleury G., Barillon R.: FA composition and mobility of trace metal elements (TME) in surface waters in uraniferous environments

Ohman M., Davis R., Sherman J., Whitmore B., Ellen J.:Zooglider – an autonomous ocean glider for in situ optical and acoustic sensing of zooplankton

Plumejeaud-Perreau C., Linyer H., Pignol C., Cipiere S., Quinton E., Ancelin J., Heintz W., Rouan M., Damy S., Raoul F., Clémens A., Dujardin F., Le Moal F., Montargès-Pelletier E., Bretagnolle V.: Towards better traceability of field sampling data

Pons M.-N., Durozier M., Jost G., Pochet C.: Adapted metrology for long-term monitoring of a large constructed wetland

Pons M.-N., Del Nero M., Courson O., Parlanti E., DOM-RZAs: Dissolved organic matter: from optical methods to high-resolution mass spectrometry

Pons M.-N., Breil P., Namour P.: Wooden sticks to monitor the redox/oxygen gradients in hyporheic zones

Pradalier C., Merlin C., Scornec H., Guilloteau H., Groshenry G., Bellanger X.: When sub-inhibitory concentrations of antibiotics promote the dissemination of unselected resistance genes

Pradalier C., Robin V.: Automated quantification of charcoal-particle content in peat samples for paleo-ecological studies

Pradalier C., Chahine G.: Long-term quantitative river shore monitoring using a portable imaging suite

Pradalier C., Richard A., Perez V., Van Couwenberghe R., Durand P.: Automated recognition of habitat classes from overhead imagery

Pradalier C., Griffith S.: Long-term monitoring of a natural environment using an automated data-acquisition system

Robain H.: Long term (2006-2016) seasonal and inter-annual variability of soil electrical resistivity in a Laotian catchment of the OZCAR network. Impact of land use change, soil type and rainfall

Six D., Naaim F., Schoeneich P.: CRYOBS-CLIM: the CRYosphere, an OBServatory of the CLIMate

Smith G., Knapp A., Smith M.: Developing wireless sensors designed for a 10-year lifetime

Tallec G., Ansart P., Barral H., Baudin A., Berrhouma A., Blanchouin A., Bodet L., Cappeleare B., Chazarin J.-P., Clément R., Cohard J.-M., Cucchi K., Dangeard M., Demarty J., Flipo N., Floury P., Gaillardet J., Guérin A., Guillon S., Henine H., Mouchel J.-M., Rivière A., Seraphin P., Tales E., Tunqui Neira J.M., Zahm A.: The high frequency Equipex CRITEX toolbox, an example of Critical Zone instrumental devices, ORACLE/BVRE Orgeval Observatory

Tunqui Neira J.M., Tallec G., Andréassian V., Mouchel J.-M.: High frequency measurements in water quality: a tool to better understand the concentration-flow relationship

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