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·         Research trends in our networks

Aspholm P.E.: Phenology of the North Calotte: a long-term phenology monitoring project carried out by pupils in Norwegian and Russian schools - an example of cultural ecosystem services

Aspholm P.E.: Long term monitoring of Brown Bear population by none invasive DNA methods; results from Pasvik-Enare Trilateral Park area ? Background for valuating ecosystem services

Aulus Giacosa L., Vignon M., Buoro M., Gaudin P., Gueraud F., Aymes J.C. : Growth models and estimation of migratory reaction norm for invasive brown trout (Salmo Trutta L.) in Kerguelen Islands

Baatz R., Van Looy K., Vereecken H.: Integration of observational networks to improve Earth system dynamics modeling

Badenhausser I., Gross N., Mornet V., Le Provost G., Roncoroni M., Saintilan A., Rusch A.: Green infrastructures in the landscape drive weed and aphid predation in sunflower fields

Beranger S., Le Cointe P., Cucherousset J., Delire C., Dejoux J.-F., Probst J.-L.: Linking the changes in groundwater recharge to community structure and the functioning of freshwater ecosystems

Bernard-Jannin L., Binet S., Gogo S., Leroy F., Perdereau L., Laggoun F.:  Modelling hydrological processes and dissolved organic carbon dynamics in a rehabilitated Sphagnum-dominated peatland

Braun J.J., Paiz M.C., Mcgrath M., Rabenkogo N., Mbonda A., White L., Gaillardet J., Bouchez J., Moquet J.-S., Regard V., Carretier S., Bricquet J.-P., Mahé G., Richter D. Jr.: CZO perspective in Central Africa: The Lopé watershed, Lopé National Park, Ogooué River basin, Gabon

Bunel R., Massei N., Van De Wiel M., Lecoq N., Dieppois B., Copard Y.: Relations between time variability of hydro-sedimentary responses, climatic signals and catchment characteristics using a landscape evolution model (CAESAR-Lisflood)

Carriere A., Le Bouteiller C., Tucker G.: How does vegetation impact the erosion of marly catchments in the Southern Alps of France?

Gamble A., Boulinier T., Garnier R.: Optimization of sampling designs in eco-epidemiologic studies based on the detection of antibodies

Gibert M., Beranger S., Brun C., Darrozes J., Galop D., Hautefeuille F., Blanchet S., Brun C., Darrozes J., Jamoneau A., Stevens V., Tabacchi E., Valdeyron N., Valette P. : Relationships between human societies and their environments from centennial-to-millennial timescales in the Pyrenean piedmont

Hell K., Niedrist G., Tappeiner U., Bottarin R.: An alpine open air laboratory amidst apple orchards and glaciers hosting a long overdue nitrogen budget study

Le Bouteiller C. : Draix Bléone critical zone observatory

Legout C., Nord G., Uber M., Esteves M., Hachgenei N.: Towards routine estimation of suspended sediment source areas during rainfall-runoff events using spectrocolorimetry: application to the Claduègne (OHMCV) and Galabre (Obs Draix - Bléone) meso-scale catchments

Marandel L., Labonne J., Gaudin P., Panserat S.: A reassessment of the carnivorous status of salmonids: Hepatic glucokinase is expressed in wild fish in Kerguelen Islands

Melecis V., Karpa A., Vilks K., Rusina S.: Species richness of flies (Diptera, Brachycera) increases on the background of climate warming in Latvia

Probst J.-L., Ouin A., Beranger S., Blanchet S., Cucherousset J., Darrozes J., Deconchat M., Dejoux J.-F., Del Corso J.-P., Delire C., Delmas F., Duru M., Galop D., Gibert M., Hautefeuille F., Heintz W., Hewinson M., Jamoneau A., Lerigoleur E., Macary F., Polidori L., Schrive C., Sheeren D., Stevens V., Tabacchi E., Valdeyron N., Valette P. : The project of Zone Atelier Pyrenees-Garonne (ZA PYGAR)

Pujol S., Barba-Vasseur M., Bernard N., Parmentier A.-L., Eckman A., Mariet A.-S., Houot H., Tenailleau Q., Thiriez G., Riethmuller D., Maury F.: Vulnerability during pregnancy in an urban environment: how do the risk factors cumulate?

Sharkey S., White T.: Key findings from the U.S. Critical Zone Observatories National Program

Tallec G., Carré C., Hague J.-P., De Coninck A., Becu N., Deroubaix J.-F., Pivano C., Flipo N., Le Pichon C., Mouchel J.-M.: An experiment of physical and agent-based integrated models for multifunctional management of the river, ORACLE Observatory

Valero-Garces B., Galop D., Le Roux G., Camarero L., De Diego A., Felip M., Amouroux D., Santamaria Ulecia J.M., Lauga B., Barreiro-Lostres F., Mata Campo M.P., REPLIM Science Team: Towards the establishment of a pyrenean network of global change in lakes and peatlands: the REPLIM project

·         Biodiversity and ecosystems

Ah-Peng C., Flores O., Billard M., Leclair De Bellevue J., Lees E., Jeamblu F., Join J.-L., Moureau E., Piteau A., Staménoff P., Strasberg D., Duflot V.: Cloud layer characterization and bryophytes' cloud water interception on an oceanic island

Le Provost G., Henckel L., Violle C., Clough Y., Le Bagousse-Pinquet Y., Bretagnolle V., Roncoroni M., Badenhausser I., Gross N.:  Legacy effect of land use intensification on grassland multitrophic trait diversity

Ouin A., Del Corso J.-P., Duru M., Andrieu E., Nicola G.: Pollination: from ecological processes to stakeholders

Weisser W.W., The BE-consortium: The Biodiversity Exploratories long-term research platform

·         Biogeochemical cycles

Audry S., Riotte J., Braun J.-J., Ruiz L., Muddu S., Ndam Ngoupayou J.-R.: The CZO-BVET: Functioning of experimental tropical watersheds

Baneschi I., Ferraris S., Giamberini S., Imperio S., Mosca P., Provenzale A., Raco B., Viterbi R.: The Earth Critical Zone and Ecosystem Observatory at Nivolet, Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy

Celle-Jeanton H., Gilbert D., Steinmann M., Denimal S., Bertrand C., Cholet C.: Investigating long term variations in a karstic system - Jurassic Karst an observation system of the LTER site Jurassian Arc ZAAJ

Chabaux F., the Strengbach and the Ringelbach Teams: Deep vs. subsurface water circulations within mountainous granitic catchments: The Strengbach (OHGE) and the Ringelbach CZO case

Flaim G., Nishri A., Camin F., Obertegger U.: Lake Tovel: Long-term stable isotope (d18O) study

Gandois L., Binet S., Rosset T., Durantez P., Camboulive T., De Vleeschouwer F., Teisserenc R., Le Roux G.: Biogeochemical survey of a mountainous peatland

Guillon S., Flipo N., Jézéquel D., Marmonier P., Franquet E., Thorel M., Vienney A., Oursel B., Olivier J.-M., Bourrand J.-J., Groleau A.: Metabolism in hydrological extends of alluvial plains : from Casiers Girardon dike fields of the Rhone river to Bassée gravel pits of the Seine river

Ponnou-Delaffon V., Probst A., Ferrant S., Payre-Suc V., Granouillac F., Camboulive T., Probst J.-L.: Long-term and high frequency hydrochemical monitoring in a small cultivated experimental catchment (CZO Aurade, SW France): impacts of climate change and agricultural practices on streamwater quality

Probst A., Binet S., Camboulive T., Payre-Suc V., Bakalowicz M., Probst J.-L.: Forty years' fluctuations of streamwater chemistry in the Baget karstic catchment (Ariège, Pyrénées mountains, SW France): impact of atmospheric deposition on carbonate dissolution

Probst A., Binet S., Camboulive T., Payre-Suc V., Probst J.-L.: Baget catchment: a Critical Zone Observatory of a karstic area in the Pyrenees mountains, South West of France

Probst J.-L., Ponnou-Delaffon V., Payre-Suc V., Granouillac F., Camboulive T., Probst A.: Aurade experimental catchment: a Critical Zone Observatory of a cultivated area in South West of France

Riotte J., Ruiz L., Muddu S., Marechal J.-C., Audry S., Braun J.-J.: To which extent vegetation controls water and biogeochemical cycles? The forested watershed of Mule Hole (CZO BVET)

·         Decision making, management and adaptive governance

Braud I., Branger F., Labbas M.: Assessing various options for rain water management in 2030 using prospective land use change scenarii and distributed hydrological modelling in the Yzeron experimental periurban catchment (ZABR/OTHU-OZCAR CZO observatory)

Houet T., Hubert-Moy L., Houpert L., Nabucet J., Corgne S., Pottier E. , Nicolas H., Bellec N.: Characterizing ecology and monitoring ecological / human interactions from space: the KALIDEOS Bretagne framework

·         Environmental risks

Berthou J.,Mougin C., Gouy V., Bretagnolle V.: RECOTOX:Research sites network in ECOtoxicology-TOXicology to monitor, understand and mitigate the eco-toxicological impacts of pollutants in socio-agro-ecosystems

Celle-Jeanton H.: Long term monitoring of pharmaceutical molecules in an alluvial hydrosystem (AUVERWATCH Project)

Denize J., Hubert-Moy L., Baudry J., Corgne S., Betbeder J., Pottier E.: Identification and characterization of land cover and land use during intercrop-periods with high resolution time-series of radar and optical images: Application to the « Zone Atelier Armorique de Pleine-Fougères ».

Molbert M., , Goutte A., Alliot F., Mouchel J.-M.: Impregnation factors of freshwater fishes by organic micropollutants in the Seine river catchment.

Robert E., Grippa M., Gal L., Kergoat L.: Monitoring turbidity and suspended particulate matter as indicator of “health hazard” in surface waters in West Africa

Rodriguez F.: Relevance of a multi-topic observatory of urban environments, ONEVU in Nantes (France) ? a ten-years feedback

Ropert-Coudert Y., Thierry R., Shiomi K., Kato A.:  Adélie penguins in Terre Adélie need active protection following two complete breeding failures over the past four years

·         Global initiatives

Chicharo L., Krauze K.: UNESCO chair in Ecohydrology: water for ecosystems and societies, a tool for global water education

Mcdowell W.: International Critical Zone Science: Opportunities to build a global understanding of land-water linkages

Melece I.: The “TeaComposition” initiative results in Latvia after the tea bag incubation over the period of one year

Pons M.-N., Werthe A., Lahami S., Dagois R.: Some additional experiments in the French ILTER TeaComposition Network

Smith M.: The International Drought Experiment: A global network to assess terrestrial ecosystem sensitivity to drought

·         Social-ecological system (SES) research, or “Putting the S” in LTSER

Caquet B., Benoit M., Pons M.N. : To learn or not to learn, that is a question

Gangneron F., Robert E.: Water resources in West Africa, a socio-environmental approach of scarcity

Mouchel J.-M., Lestel L., Carré C., Meybeck M.:Long term comparison of city-river couples

Renaud P.C., Pays O., Fritz H., De Souza F., De Oliveira R.F., Fischer E., Fabricius C.: Anthropogenic constraints in tropical savannah: building a social-ecological conceptual framework of the agricultural/biodiversity conservation interface

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